What is the best camera lens cleaner?


Blowers and brush- Do you normally keep a blower in your DSLR camera bag? If not, then start keeping it, wherever you go for shooting because this is very handy equipment for sensor and lens cleaning and also to remove the dust due to air.

Brush- We suggest the camel hair brush as the best option despite of all other brands available in the market, which is fine and soft that will excellently remove the streaks from your lens.

Microfiber cleaning cloth- The little and tiny scratches don’t affect image quality much morebut prevention is far better than risk. So, Microfiber cleaning cloth is great option available in the market as a lens cleaner that can be used for multiple cleanings, which exceptionally remove the dust and oils on your lens. But, if you think about to re-use it again after washing then it will not be an intelligent work, because it leaves particles (not easily removable from rocket blower) that may easily scratch the lens. Instead, you can buy newly one as it’s not much costly.

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